Chicago Dialogues

Chicago Dialogues is an interactive art work that synthesizes conversations in realtime, and posts the processed dialogue on the Twitter account:

Chicago Dialogues is a physical device that aims to dismantle the prefabricated personas we create through online social media. The device is an Android PC running the SpeechRecognzier class from Androids API. The device is continuously listening to new conversations, and once processed, posts online for all to see. Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc allow us to (somewhat) control our content viewed by others. I created  this device to un filter our offline dialogues, and directly bridge them online (specially through Twitter).

The project is open source, and hopes to gain other users to remix, redefine, reinterpret the source code in whatever manner they choose (as long as some form of documentation is forwarded to me). I plan to update this page with other users involvement in the project.

the project can be downloaded on my GitHub here:

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